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Light, strong, and stiff — Alma 29 Hydro

You see the resemblance, and it's no accident. The Alma 29 Hydro benefits from much of the same technology as our carbon fiber Alma hardtails. The key difference is that we build the Hydro with our hydroformed, butted alloy tubeset. You'll get big-wheeled performance similar to our Alma 29 Silver, but here you get all the fun for less cost. Another difference is measured on the gram scale. The Alma 29 Hydro gains a few grams over the Carbon Silver version, but if going fast for less money is your number one priority, then you've found your bike.

Our 4x4 Technology is shared between all the Alma models regardless of material makeup. The design is subtle, but beneficial as it increases comfort over rough trail surfaces. Rather than being triangles, the front and rear halves of the bike are actually quadrangles, with four corners and four sides. The short fourth members, which you can see in front of the dropout in the rear and in front of the seat tube, allow the joints, or nodes, of the quadrangles to flex slightly. Your comfort is increased without any loss of torsional stiffness. The benefits of our 4x4 design, along with the natural advantages of 29" wheels, add comfort and make the Alma a truly capable trail machine.

The Alma 29 Hydro is likely the best choice for hammerheads who routinely abuse their bikes on rough trails. For durability, it simply can't be beat. We make liberal use of hydroforming to create the distinctive tube shapes of the Alma. The goal was to optimize strength and stiffness so the Alma deflects less as you stomp on the pedals or yank on the bars on a grueling climb. The tubes in the front triangle are triple-butted to reduce weight in the middle portions of the tubes, away from the TIG weld zones. These thinner tubes have another benefit — they increase the ride quality by allowing the right kind of give to the frame as you ride over bumps on the trail.

More than ready for competition, the Orbea Alma 29 Hydro is also right at home blasting down your favorite trail. It uses our DCR cabling technology. So while it comes with standard Jagwire cables, it can also use slick-shifting Gore Ride On cables for ultimate performance. This time, size does matter.