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Mountain hungry race machine — Alma Silver

The Orbea Alma Silver is built in the same molds and with the same technologies as our Alma Gold making it a world-class race machine. As a spectacle, it's something to behold. The angular design of the Alma is a product of our forward thinking at Orbea. One of the most recognizable details on the Alma Silver is the patented down tube that acts as a fender in poor conditions.

Our Monocoque technology gives us the freedom for design innovations like this. But we won't design for design's sake. The sheer size of the downtube adds torsional stiffness to the front triangle, keeping the front and rear wheels on track for a stable ride in unstable corners. Our 4x4 design is a bit more subtle, but equally beneficial as it increases comfort over rough trail surfaces. Rather than being triangles, the front and rear halves of the bike are actually quadrangles, with four corners. The short fourth members, which you can see in front of the dropout in the rear and in front of the seat tube, allow the joints, or nodes, of the quadrangles to flex slightly. The layup of the carbon fiber is specifically designed to allow this small amount of vertical movement. Your comfort is increased without any loss of torsional stiffness.

The Alma Silver shares three important characteristics of the Alma gold -- lightness, comfort, and stiffness to spare, yet it costs a good deal less. The tradeoff is a matter of grams. Thanks to our carbon production experience and our high modulus Orbea Silver Carbon, we were able to match these three attributes together in a frameset that is more than ready for serious competition. The Alma Silver is perfect when you need maximum performance without breaking the bank.

We ensure that each size exhibits the same ride qualities with SSN (size specific nerve) technology. To do this we build each frame size with specific tube diameters and layup schedules. And since we build our bikes as a monocoque structure, we’re able to guarantee strength and durability. This is a result of the carbon fibers running continuously through each of the tube intersections to spread the stress loads throughout the length of the tubes.

The Orbea Alma Silver uses our DCR cabling system and is designed to exclusively use Gore Ride On shifter cables. We include a set to ensure top-notch shifting performance that better withstands the grit and grime of mountain biking. From sweeping singletrack to root infested trails, up the mountainside or down — the Alma Silver is ready.