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Orbea Aqua Dama is the perfect training partner

Even in this age of carbon fiber, aluminum remains a wonderful material for the construction of bike frames. The affordability of aluminum bicycle frames makes them more attractive than ever for the first time road rider or for those who seek performance on a budget. With the Orbea Aqua Dama we use 7005 series aluminum for the tubeset. It’s the industry benchmark, and we employ hydroforming techniques to offer the best performance. We manipulate the shapes of the tubes to optimize the strength and comfort of the frame as well as to give it a unique appearance. And like our Orca Dama, the Aqua Dama bikes have ladies specific geometry to ensure that your bike meets your fit needs.

Each of the tubes in the main triangle of the Aqua Dama is double-butted to reduce weight while still ensuring that the TIG welded joints are strong enough to endure the jarring from rough roads. The Aqua frameset includes a monocoque Bronze carbon fiber fork that complements the alloy frame with its resilience, yet it absorbs much of the harsh vibrations from the road thanks to the inherent shock damping properties of carbon fiber. Our Aqua frames all feature a replaceable derailleur hanger for protection in the event of a crash. And while that is a benefit you hope to never appreciate, the built-in cable adjusters on the down tube make it easy to give your shifting a slight tune-up anytime the need arises.

Excellent features, an attractive image, and affordability for anyone — these are the three mainstays of Orbea Aqua Dama bicycles. We've created this great line of bikes with different colors and component assemblies knowing that no two riders are alike. It's the perfect companion whether you're taking up cycling as a newcomer to the sport or riding hundreds of kilometers at a time. Welcome to our family.