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Welcome to the race where mud fears terra - Orbea Terra

The intensity of cyclocross demands a bike that performs, even in the harshest conditions. With the Terra, we set out to overcome some of the physical challenges you’ll face on the ‘cross course. The result is a bike that’s born of competition and is ready for race-day. It’s the same bike that Team Luna riders Katerina Nash and Georgia Gould have ridden to podium finishes at the World Championships and World Cups alike.

We use Monocoque molding technology to build the Terra in the same way that we build our Orca road bikes. It’s not the easiest way to build bikes, but we can ensure a stronger, more durable bike frame with our process. The one piece structure has fibers running continuously through the frame joints and intersections. This helps distribute the normal stresses of cyclocross riding throughout the tubes, decreasing the chance for failure. It’s also how we can create the distinctive tube shapes. Monocoque allows us the freedom to make a statement with Orbea design.

We build the Terra with our Silver carbon fiber. It provides a perfect blend of strength, stiffness, and light weight. You’ll get a bike that provides a more comfortable ride than comparable aluminum frames over rough ‘cross courses, yet it is unyielding when you stomp on the pedals to accelerate from sharp corners between the tape. The rear triangle is shaped to offer some added comfort on rough courses. Borrowed from the Alma, we’ve created a four sided structure on the rear of the Terra to allow a bit of deflection to occur at the dropouts. It’s called 4 Point Technology, and it works to add comfort and keep your power on the ground, yet it doesn’t sacrifice efficiency. Like our road bikes, we build the Terra with SSN (size specific nerve) technology to ensure the same comfort and performance characteristics across the size range. To do this, we make each frame size with its own specific lay-up schedule and tube dimensions.

The Orbea Terra is ideal for adventure — on road or off. That’s why we use a tapered head tube to increase steering precision and stability. You’ll feel the benefits when you slam the Terra into rutted, off-camber turns. We optimize the Terra for ‘cross racing with two key details. One is the asymmetrical top tube that allows more comfort when shouldering the bike for long run-ups. The second is the DCR (direct cable routing) on the right side of the top tube. The cables will never get in your way when you grab the down tube to bring it up to your shoulder, nor will they pinch or scrape your neck once shouldered. Our DCR system uses a full-length liner to seal the inner wires from muck and grime to ensure long-lasting performance.