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Escape to the open road with Orca Dama Bronze

At Orbea, we recognize that there are riders who simply desire a marriage of comfort and performance in an affordable road bike. This is where the Orca Dama Bronze is particularly attractive. We build it with the same Monocoque Technology that we use for our more expensive Gold and Silver versions, but here we use our Bronze level carbon fiber. It is more economical and is a great choice for a first carbon fiber bicycle. We shape the Orca Bronze much like our Gold and Silver versions, and its responsive, high performance road manners make the kinship obvious.

The Bronze level carbon we use here is a blend of intermediate modulus carbon fibers that are slightly more elastic than the higher modulus fibers in the Gold and Silver Orca bicycles. This is where its true benefit is derived; our Orca Bronze offers a silky smooth ride that’s hard to beat. It absorbs high frequency vibrations from coarse or broken road surfaces better than the Orca Gold or Silver, and far better than aluminum or steel frames. It’s a perfect bike for century riders. With greater comfort, you’ll be able to ride farther and finish faster.

Like the other Orca models, it has our Size Specific Nerve to ensure that each size offers the same comfort and performance qualities. We used AIZonE to optimize the tube shapes for a just right blend of aerodynamics and stiffness for high performance efforts. The Orca Dama Bronze has a round seat tube and seatpost where the two more expensive bikes use the Orca tear drop shape. This is one place where a simpler design saves money, but it also offers an advantage. The round seat tube contributes to the smoother ride. Like the others, the Orca Bronze uses DCR technology for flawless shifting, and it’s built with modern bearing standards; it has a tapered 1-1/8” to 1-1/2” steerer and a BB30 bottom bracket. Both serve to increase the stiffness and performance of the bicycle.

No matter the terrain or the conditions, you’ll be prepared to cover the miles in comfort. The Orca Dama Bronze is your escape route to the open road. We’ve created it to inspire you to perform.