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Never slow down — Orca Dama Silver

At first glance, it’s just a bike. But when you ride it, you’ll know that it’s made for performance. It’s evident as soon as you put power to the pedals. The Orbea Orca Dama Silver comes from the same molds and is visually identical to our Orca Gold, but the resulting ride is its own. The difference is due to the material used to build the frame. Here we employ our Silver carbon. With a slightly lower modulus and tensile strength, this bike requires more material in the laminate than the Orca Gold. Ultimately, it’s a tougher, stiffer bike that begs for out-of-the-saddle efforts. Our domestic pros ride Orca Silver frames for the aggressive American style of hard-knocks racing at the elite level.

Its durability is also why we believe the Orca Silver is the ideal road racing bicycle for most riders. You may appreciate it if you find yourself amidst a mid-turn criterium pileup. The placement and direction of the high modulus carbon fiber layers in the monocoque laminate create unmatched stability in the Orca Silver that inspires confidence to drive the bike through sweeping turns at speed. It’s not the easiest way to build a bike, but the one piece construction process allows us to maximize performance.

Our technology is your ally, and the Orca Dama Silver shares the same technical design attributes as the Orca Gold. We ensure that each size exhibits the same ride qualities with Size Specific Nerve, and the Attraction zones in the seat stays create a touch of compliance over rough roads. As comfortable as it is, the Orca Silver is still a race bike. The shaping of the frame tubes is a product of AIZonE; it has been optimized to provide excellent aerodynamic properties should you find yourself in a long breakaway. Our Direct Cable Routing is designed to exclusively use Gore Ride On cable systems for the best possible shifting. It’s also built with modern bearing standards; it has a tapered 1-1/8” to 1-1/2” steerer and a BB30 bottom bracket. Both serve to increase the stiffness of the bicycle, thus increasing performance.

It’s also worth noting that the Orca Dama Silver uses a traditional, twin rail style clamp on the carbon fiber Orca seatpost where the Orca Gold comes standard with a Monolink style post. Look for the Orca Silver wherever you find competition.