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Going fast is the number one priority for Orca Gold.

The Orca Gold is our flagship road racing frame, and it is made with our top-level Gold carbon fiber to ensure maximum performance. It’s not simply a product we make; it embodies the passion we feel for the top echelon of road racing. It is the adrenalin of the Tour converted into carbon, the sweat of the Giro transformed into technology, the tension of the Vuelta as innovation… it is competition.

When we developed the Orca Gold, we worked side-by-side with our sponsored riders on the Euskaltel-Euskadi cycling team, and we asked them to dream. Their unanimous response was a call for supreme lightness, aerodynamic efficiency, and unyielding stiffness. Thanks to our carbon production experience and our Monocoque Technology, we were able to match these three attributes together in a frameset that is more than ready for top-level competition. Though we created it with input from our professional riders, the Orca Gold is for anyone who sets out to reach lofty cycling goals. It’s perfect when you need maximum performance and optimum power transfer from each pedal stroke.

And while the input from our riders is paramount, Orbea’s team of dedicated engineers and designers work closely together to determine what is required for a bicycle to be the very best. And to be the best, the Orca Gold employs our latest technology such as SSN, Attraction, DCR, and AIZonE. It’s also built with modern bearing standards; it has a tapered 1-1/8” to 1-1/2” steerer and a BB30 bottom bracket. Both serve to increase the stiffness of the bicycle, increasing performance. It’s the bike that Samuel Sanchez rode to Olympic Gold and the one that the Euskaltel-Euskadi pros ride in the high mountains of the grand tours. And that’s where the Orca advantage becomes clear. The Orca Gold is perfect for maximal efforts against gravity as well as the sweeping turns of the most complex descents.